Work principles

Levantin design studio was founded by the designer couple Sergei, Ekaterina and brother Alexander Lvov. For 6 years they have been working together in the city of Kharkov, uniting different personalities into one team.

Their activities include the development of interior design for Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, as well as the production of designer furniture, lighting and decor under their own brand Levantin design. With its products, the studio wants to show that in Ukraine it is possible to implement the most daring ideas that are in demand by people with an unusual view of the world! Sergey Lvov about the studio’s work: “Our design establishes a dialogue about the modern pace of life, which, while eliminating luxury, leaves behind the most significant, practical, but not boring objects. They are the embodiment of a more natural and free way of life.”

At the moment, Levantin design products have found their owners in almost all corners of Ukraine and seventeen other countries around the world.

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Working with metal

The following people are working on the frames for your furniture:

laser cutters who select high-quality sheet metal from which the parts of your furniture will be cut;

welders, whose care for you is expressed in reliable welds that can withstand heavy loads and unplanned falls;

powder painters who spray paint powder onto products and bake it in an oven at a temperature of 180°C.

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Carpentry shop

We have chosen natural materials as one of the principles of our work! We do not use wood substitutes!
Our carpenters select for you strong wood that is not damaged by moisture and insects, which, after sawing, gluing, sanding, milling, and finishing impregnation, will then become your comfortable furniture with a long service life.

To prevent the wood from developing large cracks and coming apart, all the boards of your tabletop are fastened together with micro-tenons.

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