Cooperation with architects and designers

For 12 years we have been successfully working with professionals in the design community: top interior design studios, architectural firms and decorators, to create unforgettable spaces. Here are the main benefits:
– The trade discount 10% and a 5% discount to your client, so they'll enjoy completing the interior with you more than they would on their own.
– Signed agency agreement for reliable communication and guarantees.
– Open access to 3D-models.
– Customised sizes of items as well as adaptation to your reference.
– Assistance with selection and estimating for the customer.
– Keeping the order in stock and dispatch after cleaning the object.
– Ongoing online support: forward customer questions to messenger and we will prepare detailed answers.
– We will also be for you in all disputes, resolving unforeseen situations to keep the customer satisfied.
– Furniture warranty service, including lifetime tips on cleaning up just spilled wine.
– And of course, the original Ukrainian product, made with love, and about which your client will be able to proudly tell his guests!

Let's be friends! Write to or in messengers +380937449256

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