Brush off dust with a soft, dry cloth or pipidastrum. You can also wipe with a damp sponge, then wipe dry with a clean absorbent cloth. Now it's a beauty! Scratches and chips can be touched up with a restoration pencil. But this will only mask the damage and protect it from moisture. Write to us and we will send you the materials with instructions.


Vacuum the outer cover regularly with the brush attachment. Blot up fresh dirt immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth, then remove with soapy water. Washing in a washing machine on the delicate cycle is possible. The cover can be ironed from the underside through a white cotton cloth in the "silk" mode.


Vacuum the carpet regularly with the brush attachment. Fresh soiling should be blotted immediately with a clean absorbent cloth, then removed with soapy water. If this does not work, contact a professional dry cleaner.


Wood treated with hard wax oil is a durable natural material, but needs some care. Most importantly, any spillage should be blotted up immediately with wipes. The longer the liquid interacts with the tabletop, the more intensely it stains the area. Then remove with soapy water and wipe dry with an absorbent cloth. It is important not to rub the sponge with abrasive in one place, this can cause dull spots on the surface. Also, hot dishes should not be placed on the worktop without a stand. When cooking, do not cut food directly on the worktop, use a cutting board. The worktop is designed for indoor use and should not be used outdoors or in damp areas. The more you treat it with care, the longer it will last! We will send you a restoration kit with instructions to restore the damaged surface.

Outdoor wood

Oiled wood absorbs liquids less quickly, but it's best to wipe down outdoor furniture after rain. This will prevent liquids from penetrating deep into the wood. Cleaning the wood daily with a damp cloth will keep it cleaner for longer. To remove any remaining dirt, simply use a stiff pile brush and some water. Be careful not to damage the fibres with coarse sandpaper and high-pressure cleaning with a Karcher machine. Once a season you can protect your wood from UV, moisture and stains (with OSMO outdoor oil wax). Once every 2-3 years, if the wood has faded and has a grey appearance, it needs cleaning. We recommend doing this in the spring. Use OSMO Wood Furniture Cleaning Shampoo and a stiff pile brush. This removes grey discolouration, green deposits and dirt. Once completely dry, apply OSMO outdoor wax oil to renew the protection of your wood against UV, moisture and stains. And you can enjoy your table again!

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