Upholstered fabric chair Morsetto

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  • Winner of the Portuguese design award LOOP Design Awards 2023.
  • Inspired by a vintage vise we saw in a carpentry workshop in northern Italy.
  • Characterised by a functional design that serves the human being: natural materials, elegant workmanship and friendly form.
  • A pleasant reference to Italian traditional craftsmanship, is a teleporter to a bright carefree reality, and an emotional provenance to tell guests about.
  • Designed and manufactured in Ukraine, with love!
You can write to customise sizes, colours and materials to your preferences. We are open to creative experimentation.

Morsetto is a multifunctional collection of chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas and beds. It allows you to create a harmonious furnishing system for hotels and apartment complexes with a unified identity. Morsetto's appearance is based on a balance of formal austerity, and a wealth of elaborate details. It contains monumental upholstered elements, sinuous backrests with secluded headrests and ergonomic proportions. The sturdy base with curiously rounded hardwood legs adds further aesthetic value.

The Italian name is inspired by the elegant vintage vise made of solid wood. This traditional craftsman's tool was used to gently hold fragile parts. It has been given a modern incarnation in the form of rounded wooden supports that act as the linking element of the collection. Their diagonal arrangement creates a sense of pressure, uniting the elements into a single composition.

Designer: Sergei Lvov
Year of creation: 2023

770 mm
Seat height:
450 mm
615 mm
565 mm
15 kg

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Materials and instructions

Frame: solid ash wood, floor protection pads. Upholstery: Toptextil Baloo, Fabric lab Boucle. Padding: non-deformable polyurethane covered with lining.

Packaging information

Reliable cardboard packaging. Package quantity: 1 piece. 790x630x580 mm. Weight: 16 kg. The product is assembled.

Payment and delivery

The prepayment is 70% of the order amount, you pay the remaining 30% after the safe receipt of the parcels. Please write your country and address in the order comment and we can calculate the shipping cost for you.

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