Outdoor chair UNI with foot pouf

Item: LD-069
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  • This product has not been available for order since February 2022. @shishkaproject_com is working on resuming its production
  • Outdoor modification of the Uni chair, made of waterproof Kanaria fabric.
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The UNI outdoor chair with foot pouf is our joint development with the Stas Litvinov Studio workshop. It expresses the spirit of simplicity and spontaneity. This modification is intended for summer areas, cinemas and terraces. The bean bag chair, raised above the floor, is made of thick, moisture-resistant fabric, has a friendly appearance and a playful design. The soft shapes of the pillow and pouf look naturally comfortable. The outer cover is made of Kanaria outdoor textile. Breathable, quick-drying textiles without unpleasant odors, resistant to mildew. The inner cover is made of stretch nylon, a lightweight and tear-resistant material. The filler consists of a special proportion of two components: elastic holofiber fibers and mini-granules of polystyrene foam, capable of adapting to the body and sitting position. These are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. The flowing metal frame, which extends along the contour of the chair, creates an overall silhouette and also serves as support when sitting.

Designers: Stas Litvinov, Sergey Lvov
Year of creation: 2020

645 mm
900 mm
900 mm
9 kg

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Materials and instructions

Frame: 16 mm steel pipe, polymer powder paint, plastic lining. Soft part: removable outer cover: KANARIA textile, polyester. Inner cover: stretch nylon. Filler: a combination of holofiber fibers and mini-granules of polystyrene foam. Care: Vacuum the outer cover regularly with the brush attachment. Fresh stains should be blotted immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. The maximum load on the product is 150 kg. Do not use the product without an outer cover. Over time, the chair shrinks. It is recommended to add bedding. Care instructions

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